Personnel & Executive Search

We provide high quality talents to organizations which want to build high-performing teams. Our vision is to connect talented individuals with inspiring companies that will appreciate and value their talent. Ultimately - we are here to give our clients the best talent in the industry, save them time and money. As an agile HR Boutique, our approach is unique. With over 10 years of experience in Human Resources we have a built a strong and well-established network of experts throughout different industries. This experience allows us to immediately identify, evaluate and assess the best candidates for positions within a short time-frame. Our response rate is quick because we have a network already available to us. We had the opportunity to recruit and fill over 300 positions in the last 10 years and our expertise lays in recruiting within the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and FMCG industries as well as HR functions.

The world is producing more and more talent which makes it difficult to find the perfect fit and differentiate the best within a short space of time. Business is moving at a faster rate than ever and we have realized that companies that build the best efficient and effective talent pools have a strong relationship with modern and innovative recruitment providers that support their HR departments with outstanding knowledge, talent and expertise. This is where cHRistian HollitscheR Human Resources Boutique comes in. We help you build long-term high-performing teams. From experience, we know how to build these long-term high performing teams. Companies should not only recruit people with the right education but also those who have a “personal” brand that is closely aligned to the company’s vision and mission. A “personal” brand that makes them stand out as an individual, connects with the company’s core values and makes them an authentic part of the corporate culture.

This is what we look for when we provide you with talent.

We understand the value of a strong and authentic individual to your organization.