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Onur Kalkan

Through Christian I got clarity

“I was feeling uncomfortable at work due to stress and a lack in leadership and communication skills. That's why I contacted him as soon I realized that I need help. What makes Christian an outstanding coach is his ability to get you to think about your goals, identify what you need to change to achieve those goals and help you in every possible way he can to execute. He taught me different tools for communication and leadership that helped me immediately at work. Additionally he helped me to find and identify my real passion. Thanks to him I feel much better at work and on top of that I started to work on my own projects.”

Christian helped me to find my calling and to follow my dreams

“His expertise in coaching is remarkable, he has a unique way of observing and adapting to his client’s style and objectives. On top he is one of the best-connected persons I’ve ever met. With his expertise and support I reached my professional and personal goals. His energetic nature and modern/fresh mindset encouraged me to find my calling and think big. He supported me to turn my passion into my profession. It is always well spent time to work with him in order to get more clarity on how to put things into practice effectively.”

Nicolas Pittet
Thomas Aust

Christian is an excellent consultant

He did an excellent job in coaching me on my professional options. With practical examples he helped me to understand  what could be my potential next steps. He has top-notch expert knowledge on how to apply for jobs and ideal application strategies.”

About Christian

Christian has been working for over 10 years in the Human Resources sector. In his last position he was Head of HR and member of the executive board of a food factory. In addition he was responsible for Leadership Development  for 6 different factories across Switzerland. He developed his own "Hollitscher Leadership Development Model"  which can not only be used for companies and organizations which don't have their own practices and tools, but also for private individuals who want to continually develop themselves. Today Christian wants to help people to raise their game, to be more successful in their lives and make a bigger impact.

Be the first to hear about our events and courses and get the best bargains on our products and services!